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Being a first in the Indian market, we wanted to design a safe space for women, to freely share concerns, ask questions and get to discuss one’s most intimate issues and challenges that plague their emotional health. We needed to create an experience which could be engaging for different seekers such as a fitness freak or someone who is learning how to eat better, or striving to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


I was part of the design team and contributed majorly for the experience strategy and design of the Website, Android app and iOS app. I worked as a UX Designer and was majorly involved in stakeholder/user interviews, doing competitive analysis and producing all major deliverables such as wireframes, final visual designs, prototypes and presenting these to the client.

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During the period of our engagement, I along with my team worked closely with the business and technology teams to identify their requirements and understand the product vision comprehensively.

We consolidated all the business and strategic inputs obtained in various workshop sessions and presentations, and came up with the key values that drove our design directions for the platform.

Initially we conducted a range of interviews with the stakeholders and the users to understand what they felt, thought and to understand their motivations, needs and their pain points

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1. Lack of credible resources online. No moderation of content.

2. Most websites are boring. Nothing much to do other than reading.

3. Some women feel scared browsing certain health related websites.

4. Difficult to find relatable content. Many a times it becomes very irritating.

5. Miscommunication and lack of trust


Based on our research, we recognized that there were 3 key user types that our product was trying to solve problems for. Mainly, teenage female users since they were at an age where they could easily absorb all the knowledge and pass it on to others as well, working mothers who might not have time to discuss their intimate issues and the older audience above the age of 45-50.

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We performed a competitive analysis and used it to gauge which elements our competition was prioritizing compared to us and basis that we defined certain features that would be unique to our platform only. We noticed that our competition had missed out on very key features which opened the door to massive opportunities that had to be designed and developed.

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Rapid sketch iterations were very important during the early stage of design in order to gather valuable feedback from both the client and the internal design team. Sometimes there were conflicting ideas from the client but I along with my team were able to justify our design choices and back it up with proper research. We then took the sketches to the users to test out the designs and gather feedback and gain crucial insights.

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Due to a short timeline, we decided to focus mainly on key pages and modules which were more complex and whose functionality needed to be laid out for the developers. This helped us set a very methodical direction for us to showcase our deliverables to the stakeholders and still hit our deadline.

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After the design direction was set and the wireframes were approved, I along with my team started to work on the final visual design. I was involved in creating the responsive mobile designs along with the native android and iOS app. I created full user flows and unique interactions to share with the client and the users in order to generate quality feedback and insights. Since the flows were very complex static design would not work here, hence the best way to communicate and sell our design ideas to the stakeholders was through a detailed prototype.

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  1. Personalized content customized for the user

  2. Busting myths everyday through credible content curated by slew of medical doctors and fitness experts

  3. Navigating moods through music

  4. Engaging cards such as "7 days of Nirvana" to increase user retention

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One of the most interesting insight we got after launching the platform was that women who could not understand English were also trying to access the website and learn more about their health. This was a proud moment for us as a team since we were able to target such a vast variety of audiences and that there were women who felt safe using our website. So, we decided to add a new feature where the user can simply change the language of the website or the app according to their need. On top of that, we also included an option to increase or decrease the font size since users as old as 50 were using our website.

Screenshot_2021-05-15 Health Tips in Hindi, Women’s Health, हेल्थ टिप्स फॉर वीमेन, डेली हे


My journey throughout this project has been very informative. I was involved at every stage of the process right from the understanding phase to the research, analysis, design and the launch phase. Looking back I feel there were many areas I could have improved on such as better accessibility, visual design and usability but considering from where we started with such a short timeline to delivering the complete product on time, I was proud of what we achieved. I learnt a lot during this time but the most important thing I realized is how a good designed product can have a huge impact on the lives of people around you.

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